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Dated: Monday, December 2, 2013

SESSION: 2013 – 2014

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Respected Parents,

Half yearly examinations schedule is given below.

  • You are recommended to provide conducive environment to your child(ren) which help them to prepare themselves in the best and efficient manner.
  • The scheme of studies of each subject has been explained to all the students.
  • Please ensure that your child(ren) bring complete stationery kit.
  • In case, by any reason, if any paper is postponed, the rest of the papers will be conducted as per schedule while date of postponed paper(s) will be announced later on.
  • Timings during exams will be 8.00 a.m to 11.00 a.m.
  • Winter break will be started form 19th Dec to 31st Dec.
  • Regular classes for the Final term will be conducted from 1st Jan, 2014. Timing for these classes will be same as regular days.
  • Lunch break will not be given during papers.
  • Result Day will be intimated later on.

Grade I to IV

Date Day Subject
10-12-2013 Tuesday Science
11-12-2013 Wednesday S.Studies
12-12-2013 Thursday Islamiyat
14-12-2013 Saturday Arabic/ Computer
16-12-2013 Monday Maths
17-12-2013 Tuesday English
18-12-2013 Wednesday Urdu


Date Day Grade
2-12-2013 Monday IA
3-12-2013 Tuesday IV B , III A
4-12-2013 Wednesday II A , IC
5-12-2013 Thursday IV A II B, I B
7-12-2013 Saturday IIIB

Grade III to IV(HIFZ)

Date Day Subject
16-12-2013 Monday Maths
17-12-2013 Tuesday English
18-12-2013 Wednesday Urdu



Academic Coordinator

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