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Dated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

by: Sohaima Shabbir

We all have the right to be happy and we all do become happy. But sometimes happiness is replaced with sadness which hurts the inner soul.

Respected teachers and my dear fellow students,


Today, the topic that I’ve been given to speak on is, Happiness is a Journey not a Destination.  Happiness is part of our lives but we must remember that happiness is a journey; it may be difficult for us to be happy sometimes because happiness is not a destination. The poor also have chance to be joyful and the rich also become joyful. There comes a time when the rich and poor both bury in the caves of loneliness. This is not because they do not have chance to be happy, it is because of their own mistakes or may be the change of times. So what do we understand?

Dear friends, we all must be ready to face every difficulty and enjoy every happy moment that arrives in our lives. We must accept whatever the present moment contains as if we have chosen it. Thats the only way happiness can be attained. Jazakallah!

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