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Dated: Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Dear Parents & Students,

We welcome you wholeheartedly to the HFS Online School Program. As responsible individuals, we need to take certain steps to ensure that decorum and discipline are maintained in the online school system. This will enable everyone to accomplish the academic targets effectively and smoothly inshallah.

Own the Educational Goals

  • Be self-disciplined Plan your schedule well and be organized
  • Be accountable for watching the lessons as per the timetable given to you
  • Focus on your learning outcomes
  • Maximize productivity
  • Keep all your distractions away
  • Submit your work on time and be accountable

Be Kind & Respectful

  • Conduct yourself in a humble manner
  • Treat your teachers and classmates most respectfully
  • Use common courtesy and show good manners
  • Make the right choice of words and languages. Slang language & emoticons must be avoided.
  • Avoid passing any kind of harsh/negative comments or personal jokes
  • Do not use sarcasm or show anger to anyone
  • Trolling & cyber-bullying is strictly prohibited
  • Do not type in CAPS and avoid using ‘reply to all’ in emails
  • Never share personal information or photographs
  • Keep the discussion, comments and questions limited to questions about the lesson and understanding only
  • The comment sections are not a forum for discussion and debates. The teacher in charge retains the right to remove any student/parent who is found to be infringing upon the above rules.

Academic Honesty

  • Hold high standards of integrity
  • Copying someone else’s work is considered plagiarizing which is not acceptable
  • Quote your references. Whenever you are sharing any idea or resource that has been initiated from someone else mention it.

Create a Conducive Learning Environment

  • Stay on topic
  • Follow the directions and protocols of the online class
  • Demonstrate your interest and participation in the learning process
  • Share your opinion or comments only when required
  • Run a spell/grammar check before final submission
  • Give feedback about the course to the teacher via an email
  • Help your peers if they need any support If you need any extra help, feel free to contact the teacher via email or class WhatsApp groups