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Dated: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[headline]Lunch time[/headline]

Oh for the hated period of lunchtime…

All the pupils together in baking sunshine,

Heard that sunshine is good for health, But

Can we please tell you how a sunshine touch hurts,

Observe with us here in HFS what we see

Children protect themselves from the sun behind a tree

This teaches us to stop caring for D vitamins

Or there will be an urgent need of vital-mints

Secondly , if not sunshine then there are boys

And with boys its impossible to have no noise

Rowdy boys pushing innocent girls,

Just as soon as the teacher’s face turns

Pushing seems to them as if they are playing soccer

Hey !she is not a girl, she’s a teacher, don’t just hop on her

After all ,we wish not to have breaktime.

What if instead of a break there were two departure times.

No problem if not friends, we will have our lunch with mommy

Atleast it won’t be dangerous just to fill our tummy.

Sundus Fatima


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