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Dated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By: Tahira Tareef

It will be 2024 from now, five years later. I will be in university. In addition to my regular studies, my plans are to complete some certifications which are to learn Chinese and German language, MSOffice Professional, Networking and Hardware, Fehm-e-Deen.

I will be in the Bachelor of Computer Science. I like Computer Science as there is so much to learn in it and it has global recognition too.

I will be earning myself. I will not be dependent on my father’s earning. I will be teaching and giving tuitions so that I can meet my own expenses and be independent. Furthermore,  I will be seeking opportunities for studies abroad like Germany since the education cost is cheaper there and they welcome international students with great job prospects.

I will try to chalk the path  for my younger siblings. I will guide them with their career to get better results.

Meanwhile, I will perform as an active member doing social work, joining a group which is providing social services like plantation, clean environment, helping poor people and provide work opportunities.

I pray daily to Allah swt to strengthen me to fulfill all these dreams.