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Dated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Peace is not simply harmony, it involves much cooperation and coordination in different aspects of running a country . Peace is tranquility – a time when there are no wars going on. An example of peace is the end of war between two countries.

We have potential to create a world peace.

Peace builds a mental attitude while violence results in negative actions.

Pakistan celebrated its 71st anniversary this year. One of the country’s biggest assets is its youth. They are a source of positivity and progress. It is essential that we leave a peaceful and successful Pakistan for our future generation.

In 1965, the GDP per capital of Pakistan was $116 while China and South Korea’s GDP per capital were only $98 and $109, respectively. Pakistan’s GDP today is $1,600 while South Korea’s GDP is $27,538. The primary factor of this huge difference is lack of peace.

There are some important factors which in my opinion can build a peaceful Pakistan. The first and the most important factor is the good relations with neighbors with a high level of cooperation. The second thing is well functioning government, and an equal distribution of resources between provinces can also encourage peace in Pakistan.

The rights of other citizens are also important in the society. In my opinion, the major cause of these problems is the fragmented nature of Pakistani society. In this situation, education can be a useful tool for promoting peace and respect.

Education is the greatest weapon Pakistan has for fighting hatred.

More than half of Pakistanis believe that only uneducated youth is engaged in terrorism but a number of students from Pakistan, educated youth are engaged in terrorism because of lack of jobs.

Pakistan’s government needs to take quick action on this situation by increasing the use of military force to decrease the terrorism.

I think education holds the key to peace in Pakistan so government needs to construct more schools with high education for the ones who cannot afford private school fee . This is the best way to create peace in Pakistan.

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