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Dated: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Written by: Hadiya Javed
Grade: O-III
Date: 30th January 2019

The first national model organization of Islamic cooperation (NMOIC) was hosted at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan on 21st -23rd December 2018 with the participation of around 300 delegates from local schools,colleges and universities from different educational backgrounds, along with guests and an honorary delegation of 9 members from Indonesia.

The sole purpose of the conference was to unite dynamic and passionate youth on one platform to promote fraternity, solidarity, pluralistic attitude and diplomacy on the geography of OIC through debates and dialogues. The event was organized by Istanbul based Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) affiliation with OIC. Director general of ICYF-DC Mr. Abdula Manafi Mutualo, addressed the opening ceremony on 21st December 2108. During his speech, he enlightened the significance of primacy of identity in Muslims. He was followed by Pakistan national MOIC country coordinator, Ms. Rutaba Tariq who appreciated the dedication of the organizers.

The first day of the conference continued with official sessions. Delegates were divided in 6 six committees namely, The Independent PermanentHuman Rights Committee, Islamic summit, Council of Foreign ministers, Crisis management, Ministers of youth and Standing committee for Economic and commercial cooperation. Such first official sessions were followed by lecture sessions given by renownedacademicians from reputed Universities of Pakistan.

On the second day of the conference, 22nd December 2018, the delegates began to finalize the discussions and moved on with drafting the resolution appears. Another round of lectures from experts also took place, respected Sir Mufti Najeeb khan gave the lecture on Sharia Law and Modern World in the committee of Islamic Summit.

The last day 23rd December 2018 was reserved for committees to successfully pass the draft resolutions. Before lunch break, all committees had reached a consensus and presented their resolutions, hence adjourning the debates and dissolving the committees. The resolutions from all six committees were officially compiled as the ‘Karachi Declaration’. After lunch the delegates were directed to the closing ceremony hall.
The closing ceremony was initiated with Ms. Rutaba Tariq’s speech where she thanked the esteemed guests for gracing the event with their honorary presence. This was followed by Mr. Manafi’s words through which he urged the youth to be more involved in such events to promote cordial relations between OIC member states. Awards were distributed to those delegates who excelled in their respective committees which included Outstanding delegate, Best delegate and Honorary Mention. By the Grace of Allah Almighty and the endeavors put in by our meticulously hard working teachers particularly Miss Shehla and Miss Maria who brifed us all about NMOIC, four out pf the delegate of nine members from our school, Hadiya Javed, Mahnoor Aqeel, Nida Mir and Fatima Kamal managed to win the award of honorary mentions.

The conference finally came to an end with a cultural night where people from various OIC states delegates and team members alike engaged in promoting the sentiments of unity behind the member OIC countries. Finally, the ground team members and the national delegates had to say a heartfelt goodbye to the foreign counterparts with whom they had created a close bond of friendship.

It was an amazing experience where we leant cooperation as well as how to work under pressure in a limited time. The conference boosted the level of confidence as discussions took place and everyone had to actively participate. The debates were contradicting the first day, but eventually culminated with a mutual consent at the end. This was what the solitary aim of attending the conference. Learning was the best part of the entire effort and achieving that very aim proved the conference to be a successful one.


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