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Organized a cherished event “My Loving Grandmother”

Girls Campus  CR # 62 Dear Parents, Date: February 20, 2020 HFS values the bond of grandparents with their grand children for a happy family life. Hence, Hfs Preschool has organized a cherished event “My Loving Grandmother”. SL II students will spend this day with their grandmothers. Date: 22nd February 2020 Timings: 11 am – 1 pm Venue: […]

A trip to the annual flower show on Saturday, 22nd Feb

Girls Campus  CR # 61 Dear Parents,  Date: February 19, 2020 Keeping in view the importance of green activities within our eco-system and to instill its significance in the students, HFS has organized a trip to the annual flower show on Saturday, 22nd February during school hours.  Students need to wear their uniform,  ID cards, […]

ICATS English Contest 2020

Girls Campus  CR # 59 Dear Parents, Date: February 11, 2020 This is to notify that Hfs has registered for the ICATS English Contest. Students from Grades I till OII can participate in this scholastic contest. This contest aim at linguistic enlightenment .Students should be encouraged to participate and prove their prowess in such contest. […]

Seerah Jalsa

Girls Campus  CR # 58 Dear Parents, Date: February 11, 2020 Hfs has organized a Seerah Jalsa to glorify the life and personality of our beloved Prophet (SAW) as a model of excellence for the entire Muslim ummah.  Kindly note the event details:  Grades: III till O-III Date: 15th Feb 2020 Day: Saturday Timings: 10:30 – 12:30 […]

Hfs Sports Day has been organized for Grades 1 till 5 on Thursday, 6th February

Girls Campus  CR # 56 Dear Parents, Date: February 3, 2020 Hfs always gives importance to the physical development of students. It engages them in healthy co-curricular activities which are beneficial for their overall well being.  Hence, HFS Sports Day has been organized for Grades 1 till 5 on Thursday, 6th February during school hours. […]


Girls Campus  CR # 55 Dear Parents, Date: January 29, 2020 This is to notify that a POLIO VACCINATION team visits the school monthly. This team administers polio vaccine drops to children.   Kindly fill the slip below if you want your child to be given the aforementioned drops. I______________________________ want / don’t want my child,……………………, of grade……………… be administered these polio vaccine drops. HFS […]

Compost Making Activity on Saturday, 18th January, 2020

Girls Campus CR # 49 Dear Parents, Date: January 14, 2020 Hfs Preschool focuses on experiential learning experience for student learning. Hence, it has organized a hands-on Compost Making Activity on Saturday, 18th January, 2020. Kindly send peels of fruits, vegetables, washed and dried egg shells for this activity. HFS Management

Initiative to start Google Classrooms

Girls Campus  CR # 44 Dear Parents, Date: December 21, 2019 This is to inform that Hfs has taken the initiative to start Google Classrooms which is a virtual learning set up. This is to enhance student performance through interactive and interesting learner-centred classroom set up. Students will be part of these Google Classrooms which […]


Girls Campus CR # 23 Dear Parents, Date: September 23, 2019 Preschool is trying to inculcate healthy eating habits in the students. For this “The Vegetable Week” is being celebrated. Students will learn about vegetables using all their five senses. You are also requested to prepare and send home made food for lunch time. We […]


Eid is a religious occasion of all Muslims which symbolizes happiness, friendship, giving and sharing. The Eid milan party is an event  which every school celebrates enthusiastically. SL II celebrated an Eid Milan party on 24th of August 2019 for preschool. The students wore informal Eid dresses. Everyone enjoyed the event immensely. Teacher asked students to embrace each other as Muslims […]