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Digi Champ contest has been postponed due to exams

Girls Campus CR # 26 Dear Parents, Date: November 29, 2021 As-Salamu alaikum! This is to inform you that the Digi Champ contest has been postponed due to exams. The contest will be held on    5th – 7th January. Students are encouraged to participate to enhance and showcase their skills to win exciting prizes, participation certificates […]

HIPPO International English Language Olympiad

Girls Campus CR # 24 Dear Parents, Date: November 29, 2021 As-Salamu alaikum ! HFS recommends you to register the students for the HIPPO International English Language Olympiad. Students from Grades I till OII can participate in this contest to improve their writing and communication skills and they should be encouraged to participate and prove […]

Parent Teacher Meeting – cancelled

(Boys Campus) Circular No. HFS-B/10/2021-22 Date: Oct 14, 2021 Dear Parents, Due to high official visit at Hira Foundation School and security concerns, Parent Teacher Meeting (Saturday, 16 Oct, 2021) has been postponed till further notice. New date will be announced soon. Note: Students will report on Saturday, 16.10.2021, regular school schedule will be followed. […]


Full strength – CR 14

Dear Parents, As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu By the grace of Almighty Allah, HFS feels pleasure to announce the reopening of school with 100% student attendance as per the government directives from Monday, October 11, 2021, for the Preschool, Primary and Senior levels. We are taking all possible precautions for the safekeeping of our […]

Predicted Thunderstorm

Dear Parents, Assalam o Alaikum, In order to ensure the safety of your child the school has declared an early off-time for the students. This is to prevent any unforeseen trouble due to the predicted thunderstorm. Please ensure your child/ward is safely picked up by 12 pm. Students using vans will be sent home through […]


CR# 04 29th August, 2021 Assalam-o-Alaikum! The much-awaited time of physical school resumption has finally arrived for both the parents and students. Since the schools closed down unexpectedly and the online teaching initiated, all eagerly waited for the joyous news for the onsite school operations to begin. Educational technology became the buzzword and online digital […]


Assalamualaikum Dear Parents & Students, Date: Monday, 2nd August 2021 We would like to welcome you all to the new Academic Session 2021-2022. With immense pleasure, we plan to re-open the school from Monday, 9th August 2021. We are prepared to execute physical, groupwise and online classes as per the Govt. directives. The academic pathway […]

HFS Academic Year-End 2020-2021

Assalamualaikum Dear Parents & Students, We have finally arrived at the closure of the Academic Year 2020-2021. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the uncertain school situation, we were able to impart as well as implement our curricular plans accordingly. This is an apt time to acknowledge and appreciate both our staff and students who showed […]