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House System

It is designed to encourage and increase competition between students and to create a supportive environment.

HFS House System

The Hira Foundation School’s house system, based on four houses, each with its own house colour. We have 4 houses, blue, red, green, and yellow. Pupils in each class will be placed into these four houses and there will be an equal number of students in each house across the school. Classes will also be divided as far as possible into equal numbers of students. Each house shall be represented by a house captain selected from amongst the students.

House   incharges:

The house incharges are selected from amongst the teachers to head each house and to guide the house captains in organizing and carrying out different school events and activities etc.

Red house:     Ms. Sophia Sherwani

Blue house:     Ms. Sarosh Shabbir

Green house:  Ms. Maria Aziz

Yellow house: Ms. Ambreen Ashraf

House Points

Pupils can earn points for their house at any time during the school day, in and out of the classroom. In every classroom children’s names will be recorded on a ‘House Points’ chart.

These points are then added up, along with any extra points that come from the House Meeting on monthly basis. The winning House is announced at the Assembly.

Criteria to earn points:

Points can be earned for:

  • good attendance and punctuality
  • good behaviour
  • responsible behaviour
  • completion of homework
  • tidiness
  • respectfulness
  • helpfulness
  • class participation
  • physical activities, games, competitions and extracurricular activities
  • creativity

House of the Month:

The house with most points accumulated at the end of the month will be declared the House of the Month

End Of School Year:

At the end of the year the House with the most points will be declared the winner in a school assembly and receive the House Trophy for the year.

The Aims of a House system:

We believe that the House System will support our students by achieving the following:

  • Student Centered Focus: each student will be treated as an individual.
  • A caring, supportive environment: each student will be a valued member of a small ‘family unit’ within a larger ‘family’ within the whole school.
  • Respect, consideration and courtesy.
  • Positive self esteem amongst students and value of the ethos of the school community.
  • Equal opportunity and encouragement to achieve a student’s full potential.
  • Building of interpersonal skills within groups of students of all ages.
  • Promotion of Student Responsibility, Team skills, Leadership skills and Cooperation.
  • Extra-Curricular activities which will enhance the individual’s school experience.
  • Development of personal and social skills and well being.


Salma Haque

(Houses Head)

Yellow House

yellow house

Red House Meeting

The Red House meeting was conducted on Wednesday 19th of November 2014. Following points were discussed with the students of Red House.


  • House in charge (teacher)
  • House captain
  • House sub captain (grade wise)
  • Members


  • Classroom
  • Assembly time
  • Break time
  • Home time
  • Events


  • Assembly Presentation
  • Classroom presentation
  • Extra curricular activities


  • Team work

Report by: Ms. Umm-e-Habiba

Yellow House Meeting

Day: Tuesday
Data: 21.01 2015
Venue: Assembly ground

Following points were discussed in the meeting.


  • Teacher’s introduction.
  • Grades: I to V
  • House captains: decided according to grade.
  • House head: Selected from grade V.


  • Classroom
  • Assembly ground
  • Break time
  • Home time
  • Any occasion/event of the school.

Every member of the house is responsible for maintaining discipline.


  • Assembly presentation.
  • Month wise assessment performance.
  • Class presentation.
  • Artwork
  • Computer practical performance.
  • Science viva and activity performance.
  • Different competitions etc.

Confidence and behavior:

Cleanliness :

  1. Uniform.
  2. Personal hygiene.
  3. Food items.


  • Rules and regulation.
  • Follow date lines.


To fulfill all the requirements of the house and instructions of house Incharge.

Report by: Ms. Ambreen Ashraf


SIMPLE RACE Abdur rehman kashif 1st
RELAY RACE Hasan tahir 2nd
HURDLE RACE Hassan tahir 1st
SIMPLE RACE CLASS 1 Zakwan usmani 1st
BOOK BALANCE RACE Laiba jawed 1st
SACK RACE waniza 3rd
TUG OF WAR Areeba, Ghashmeera, Musfira Zunaira, jawaria, muzaina, ukasha Amina, Fatima. 1st

  • Month: January
  • Topic: Season
  • Grade: 1 Section (A,B,C,D)
  • Houses: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow


All four sections of Grade 1 celebrated the theme: Season. The arrangement was house wise. Students contributed with different items according to seasons with which the classes were decorated.

  • For Summer: There were Mango and Lemon Juices.
  • For Winter: A variety of Dry Fruits, Jackets, Gloves, Capes and Sweaters.
  • For Autumn: Dry , Brown Leaves.
  • For Spring: Fresh Flowers, Leaves, Potted plants.

Student Activities: All students enjoyed immensely, they participated enthusiastically, solved work sheets, drew pictures and involved themselves in oral discussion as well as Q/Ans Sessions

Winner House:

Although all the houses had really contributed wonderfully, but the Yellow House shoot out as the Best. Congratulations to them!!!

Report by :


Grade II: Measurement of different objects (conducted by: Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Elections and Oath taking ceremony in Primary Section
At HFS primary section Election was held on 16th Feb for each house captain. From grade V, two members were nominated from each house. Each student had to vote for Four members, one from each house.

After fair election, 4 house captain has been elected. Today, on 18th Feb, they took oath.
The whole activity was executed smoothly, students enjoyed and became aware about the process of election and their right to elect better person for them.

Grade I: House Making Activity (conducted by: Ms. Maria Aziz)
A House making activity was done in class 1, to clear the concept of different rooms. Each house group made its own room by representing their house colour.By Ms Maria Aziz

House elections and Oath-Taking ceremony 2017

House elections and Oath-Taking ceremony 2017 in Primary section (Girls campus)

Report by: Ms. Zara Jawed

The personal growth and development brings confidence in a student, we at HFS religiously believe in it. The provision of a wide range of opportunities for leadership development enhances student self-esteem and self-confidence. The roles of House Captains & House Vice-Captains recognize the personal qualities and attributes of students which can open pathways to leadership opportunities in the future.

Introduction and methodology:

The elections campaign was initiated on February 06, 2017. Prior to elections in HFS primary girl’s campus, four students were nominated from each house, red house, blue house, green house and yellow house.

A minimum of 170 voters enthusiastically participated in casting vote for each house nominees. Casting and counting of votes was done on Feb 09, 2017.
Oath taking ceremony took place on February 11, 2017 in which House Captains & House Vice-Captains were announced and oath was taken by them.


An awareness campaign was held on February 06, 2017 till February 08, 2017. Nominees took an active part in election campaign. Flags were designed, badges were distributed, slogans were raised, charts were prepared and candidates personally moved into the classes, delivered speech individually for one to two minutes seeking numerous votes to get support in elections Campaign inculcated courage in them which tapped into confidence building. Campaigns were highly participative, each student performed really well throughout the time period.

Each individual was supposed to cast the vote. Vote casting took place by the date February 09, 2017 .Ballot box for each house was maintained; ballot chits were arranged, specifying the names of the nominees representing respective houses. Charts were prepared to make a setup for background, tables were arranged to place the ballot boxes and ballot chits. Students were brought grade wise to cast the votes. Voters received an impression on their thumbs verifying they had casted their votes.
Vote counting took place right after the voting and the captains along with their deputies were announced on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

The candidates with the most votes were appointed House Captains – The candidates with the second highest number votes were appointed House Vice-Captains.

An Oath-taking ceremony was organized on 11 February 2017 for the new House Captains & House Vice-Captains for the academic session 2016 – 2017.

Sashes were presented to the elected bodies by ma’am Sadaf (Campus Incharge), ma’am Yasmeen (discipline in charge), ma’am Hira (primary girl’s campus coordinator) and ma’am Rashida (HIFZ campus in charge). Thereupon, oath was taken by the House Captains & House Vice-Captains to take sincere responsibility onward in upgrading their respective house systems.

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