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The mission of our school is to provide high quality education, aimed at developing a child from within and at the same time strengthening his foundation of Islamic teaching with general subjects. Our curriculum is based on the Cambridge system of education with the integration of Islamic teaching and values.

Subjects we Offer

Taleem-ul-Quran (with Hifz option), Languages, Tarbiyah & Islamic Teaching, Islamic Studies, Science, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Culture & Environmental Science and Art

1. Taleem-ul-Quran (with Hifz option)

HFS exclusively offers Taleem-ul-Quran from Pre-School to O’levels, along with complete Hifz and the catch up academic program. Further, it provides an opportunity for O’ levels and A’ levels to Huffaz.

2. Languages

HFS just not only provides to get expertise in English language but to get understanding of Quran, Ahadis & Sunnah to students.It offers very effective Arabic Language developmental course from Pre-School to O’ levels.

Here the language is developed by providing complete Arabic speaking environment with most modern visual and audio techniques. Besides that, it gives an opportunity to get excellence in national language Urdu with exposure of variety of Urdu literature.

3. Tarbiyah & Islamic Teaching

Practical training of Islamic teachings is the real essence of HFS curriculum. It offers a unique program of Tarbiyah to make students practicing Muslims and prepare them to face the challenges of modern world.

4. Islamic studies

To develop the love for Allah and provide them clear understanding of Aqaaid, Eba’daat, Fiqah, Moral, History and Seerah. An easy and effective program has been designed under the supervision of Alimaat and Qariyat.

5. Science

To enhance critical and analytical skills in our students, HFS offers an interactive course which has been designed by using Quran as a main source of knowledge.

6. Mathematics

To develop great mathematicians like history. In HFS, a course has been compiled for students to enhance their skills in Algebra, Data Handling, Numbers, Shapes, space and measures with the exposure of Islamic history of Maths.

7. Computer Studies

To equip students with modern technology and to understand the new challenges of today’s world. HFS offers a course which has variety of computer projects to give them an opportunity to make best use of it.

8. Culture and Environmental Sciences

To experience the natural order of the physical environment, including such attributes as Geography, History and Civics.

9. Art

HFS art course offers an integration of nature, culture, history, science, with Islamic teachings to develop creativity and give students the exposure of Islamic art like calligraphy.

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