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HFS Privacy Policy

Hira Foundation collects and compiles parent and student data/information under the Education Act R.S.O. 1990,c.E.2, for the attainment of educational objectives.

Hira Foundation upholds utmost confidentiality and under no circumstances reveals or shares this personal information to safeguard the rights of the parent and student. This is also not shared with any third person or company.

The provided contact or email ID is only used by the school authorities for communication and dissemination of information for smooth functionality. This shows an association with the educational institution and occasionally events, magazines, programs, promotional material, etc. may be forwarded.

Hira Foundation owns the intellectual property rights to display the content on its website. This content is either the intellectual property of the school, openly accessible online (with reference links), purchased or permitted by the owner to use it. This includes HTML, text, audio recordings, video clips, and other resources that are made available in the form of assignments, quizzes, presentations, projects, tests, worksheets, etc.

Incase indicated, the sole copyright of the displayed content belongs to Hira Foundation School.