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Theme Activities Objectives Date and Day
Healthy and Junk Food Healthy day( vegetable and fruit salad making) To enhance the fine motor skills, by peeling, mashing and chopping. To make students learn about the healthy food. 29th June
Eid Saeed Eid Get togather To make them learn about customs and suunahs of Eid ul fitar day. 20th August
I See My Land Cultural exhibition To make students learn about the different culture of Pakistan , land marks and food 31st August- 15th September
دیکھو پا کستان
Seerah All about the last prophet Naat Khuwani To enhance the confidence of the students and the recitation of Naat 28th September
The world greatest Event HAJJ Hajj activity To enhance the knowledge about hajj journey . 5th October
Animals ( all classes )our friend Allah made them all Exhibition To provide students an experiential learning about the all classification s of animals( farm, insects, birds, sea ) 26th October
Our heroesIQBAL Iqbal Day celebration To make them learn about the poem recitation 9th November
We travel by…(Transport ) Field trips To provide students the experiential learning about the transport 16th , 23rd ,and 30thNovember
FUN and FITNESS Sports Day To make them learn about the fitness and different sports. 23rd December
I want to be…
All about Professions
Having chit chat with doctor, policeman, Principal, chief To enhance their knowledge about people around us. 11th , 18th ,25th January and 1st February
Places around Us A visit to a post office , Nursery , mosque To enhance the experiential learning about the places around us 8th , 15th and 22 February
Yes ! I do plant … Planting To give them the experiential learning about seeding a plant and its growing process 1st March
Which Colour? Colour Day celebration To reinforce their learning about coulors by relating it daily life 22nd March
Cleanliness is the half of faith Cleanliness activity To reinforce their learning about how to keep clean thing around us. 5th April
Planets and stars Earth Day To make them aware about the pollution 22nd April
Good Bye Dears Convocation 2014 Closing ceremony of the session 31st May