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Creative young minds at work
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Electric circuit

Topic: Electric circuit
Class: Grade II D

Grade II D students made simple circuit with the help of wire, bulb and battery. They also used different kinds of batteries.

by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf
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23rd March Celebration in Pre School

On Tuesday March 24 ,2015 SL l and SLll of Hira Foundation School celebrated”Pakistan Day” with full zeal and enthusiasm.All students participated eagerly in morning assembly.Girls came in colorful Pakistani attire and boys in white shalwar kameez with green duppatta.During the program students waved the flags and enjoyed their presentations,which included recitation of Holy Quraan, a naat,national songs,speeches and quiz about Pakistan.From time to time Pakistan Zindabads slogan were also raised which showed students interest in celebrating 23rd March.the celebration was enjoyed to the core by both the teachers and students , It was a motivated assembly that brought our students towards the patriotism.

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SL I & SL II: Celebration of Winter Day


Winter Day was celebrated in SL I & SL II on Dec 20th, 2014. Students came in winter dress and made fruit salad in SL II and soup in SL I.
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Preschool Vegetable’s Day (Pre-Juniors)

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Farm Animals Pre Juniors (Tulip)

Discussion about farm:

  • The animals where do they live.
  • Why do we call them from animals
  • Their sounds
  • Their homes
  • Their food
  • How they are useful for us

Through rhymes:

  • old Abdullah had farm
  • Maryam had a little lamb
  • 5 little ducks went out one day
  • Moo says Mrs, cow I like
  • Cat has a kitten what does it say

Giving knowledge through flash cards, providing environment by displaying different stuff farm animal’s toys and boards inside and outside the class.

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Fruits Day

Our Junior Montessori classes celebrated fruit day in the month of September 2014. The direct aim behind this activity was to develop language and fine motor skills in our children. Children were given the presentation in the following manner:

1. Wash the fruits properly.
2. Then peel them. After peeling, we cut them into small chunks / pieces. We mix them in a bowl to make fruit chart.
3. In the end we threw the remaining in the dustbin.

By this activity those students who never tasted fruits before, have tasted it, enjoyed it and asked for more to eat.

* Taking fruits every day, keeps the doctor away. *

  • Pictures Taken : Nimra (Junior Montessori teacher)
  • Write up: Neelam (Junior Montessori teacher )

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Hajj Activity of Pre-School

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Allah Made them all

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Eid Millan Party

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