A Helping Bird

A helping Bird

One day a bird was flying on a cloudy and rainy day. Her name was Akela. She was trying to find food to eat but there was no food around. Then it started raining heavily and her nest broke. Another bird whose name was Greeny because he was a green in colour came to help Akela. He picked up Akela and took her to her home. Then he went into the kitchen and gave food to Akela who ate all the food up.

One night, Greeny in order to reunite Akela with her family brought her brother to her nest. Akela went into a room. She felt that something was strange. When she came in her brother turned on all the lights. Akela was very happy to see her brother who took Akela to meet their mother and father.

So, Akela said, ‘Can we give any surprise to Greeny?’ Her brother said, ‘Yes, we can.’ He went to take Greeny ‘s mother, father and at last when Greeny opened his eyes he saw that his mother, father were at his home. He hugged them then they all lived happily after. The two friends were thankful for helping each other.

A Friend in need is a friend indeed!