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Project: The Five Pillars of Islam

Dated: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Grade: 2 Aim : To make the students understand about the five pillars of Islam. What Are the Five Pillars of Islam? The Five Pillars of Islam are the framework of a Muslim’s life. These are the testimony of faith(shahadah), prayer (namaz), giving zakat (support of the needy), fasting (saum) during the month of Ramadan, […]

Why I Like My Best Friend

Dated: Thursday, April 18, 2013

[headline]by Maryam Masood (VI-A)[/headline] My best friend is Madiha. I like her because she is good at studies and doesn’t fight with anyone. Her behaviour is very good and she respects all the teachers and everyone around her. She always pays ‘Salam’ to everyone and speaks truth all the time. She offers prayers on time and […]