An Activity – Topic: Transportation

Grade: SL1, SL2

Learning Objectives:

Students became able to identify different modes of transportation and the vehicles used for each mode. Students learnt about the uniqueness of each mode. They also learnt the importance of traffic signals, traffic rules and zebra crossing.

Execution of the activity:

Theme board of transport related was displayed with labeling. Students explored the means and modes of transportation, a topic which is the part of their daily lives. A short clip was shown including all three means of transportation. Students were asked to read the vehicles name out to enrich their vocabulary. Teachers guided the students to make different vehicles i.e. airplane, car and boats with the help of paper art, called origami and making zebra crossing by cutting, pasting activity. The students of SL1 and SL2 opened up the way of crossing the road and experienced it walking on the zebra crossing. They also watched a transport theme related short clip and enjoyed,

  • Discussing about different vehicles, means and modes of transportation.
  • Discussing about being safe around vehicles.
  • Discussing about traffic lights.
  • Discussing about zebra crossing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students inculcated the means and modes of transport.
  • What the traffic lights mean.
  • How to cross the road with safety.
  • How transportation is important for us to travel from one place to another.


The aim of the present theme was to create awareness about transportation for real life application.