Bake Sale

Bake Sale – SL

HFS SL section celebrated a Bakery Day on Saturday, 17th March. It was surely a tasty treat from the mundane school routine. In the morning of the delightful day, the students stepped into the classrooms with the decided items which were collected by the teachers.

The Bake Sale commenced at recess time. The corridor was decorated colourfully befitting the theme and was transformed into an immaculate bakery setting. The shelves were decorated with bakery items including cakes, biscuits, pizza, brownies and lots more. Inaddition, there were also fancied handmade wall hangings prepared by teachers beforehand.

The students were given fake money 💵 to buy the displayed items. The classes were taken to the corridor one by one. First, they came up to the counter, paid their money to the chef, selected the items and went back to the class to munch on them with their friends joyfully.

The fundamental aim of this activity was to introduce the students to the national currency. Moreover, through this activity our students also learnt the concept of addition and subtraction as they experimented it by themselves. In addition, to this the students also experienced and visualized the process of selling and buying.

The day had more to offer. The students decorated their own cakes with glitter paper and color pencils which they found appealing.

In the end, the students called it a day swinging the cake 🎂 craftsin their hands Alhamdulilah!