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By Ilsa Kazi grade 10 “Not coming?! Who misses bonfire for the sake of studies?” “ME! A SCIENCE STUDENT!” I shouted back to my friend’s message which I had received a couple of minutes ago. My friends had planned a bonfire night and were inviting me but I had refused to join as I had […]


GRADE: VA NAME: KANZ-UL-EMAN Once a man named Hacaan was sitting on a rock and was very upset because his new boss in his office was his classmate Farhan. Both had been students of the same class in school. But there was a difference in their status. Hacaan was comparatively richer than Farhan. His father […]

What does Pakistan Mean To Me?

by Mahnoor Aqeel Grade 9 Thousands laid down their lives so that our country could see this day. Never forget their sacrifice ? For me Pakistan is Jinnah’s determination, Liaquat Ali’s fist, Iqbal’s poetry , Edhi’s selfless service, Arfa’s intelligence, k2’s peak, Quetta’s fruits, Afridi and Miandad’s sixes and much more. Every green thing means […]


GRADE: III B NAME: AFIA MAZHAR Once upon a time there was a boy named Ali. He was very naughty. Once he was walking on a road when he saw a hive of bees so he thought of some mischief. The mischief was that he picked up a stone and threw it towards the hive. […]



[notice] Student Name: Aisha Mohsin Grade : VI HIFZ[/notice] Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maryam who lived with her parents. She was very intelligent and well behaved. She got 1st position in every exam. Eman was the classmate of Maryam. She was very naughty and dull in studies. When she used […]



[notice]By Hamna Shakeel Grade 10[/notice] As our flight landed and the announcements were made, my heart started beating as fast as it could. I still could not believe I’d reached my destination. A place I had longed to visit at least once! It all seemed like a dream to me… After few hours, we were […]

A woodcutter story

Student Name: Bushra Saeed Grade: VI HIFZ A WOOD CUTTER Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter named Abdullah. He lived with his two small sons in a small house. Abdullah was very poor but an honest and hard worker. He went to the forest to work in the morning and returned in the […]

500 muslims

The Muslim 500

[headline] THE WORLD’S 500 MOST INFLUENTIAL MUSLIMS [/headline] So much has changed in one year.Aleppo, now the last Syrian city under rebel control, is at risk of falling to the Syrian Army and its allied fighting forces — above all, Russian war planes bombing with devastating effect those parts of Aleppo still under rebel control […]

The Desired World

Once after Ayesha had had a bath she looked out of the window and was taken back to see everything was blue. She went out and was surprised to find that there were two blue suns in the sky. On observing this phenomenal scene, Ayesha ran towards her friend’s home. Her friend Khadija was asleep […]

Successful Reversion Stories – Part I

Contributed by Sana Kazi   Reversion to Islam, or conversion to any other religion for that matter, is not always a simple thing to do. Except for a few fortunate ones, a new Muslim usually faces consequences. The convert may face isolation from family and friends, if not pressure to go back to the family […]