Eidul Adha Activity – Junior Montessori

Eidul Adha is celebrated in the remembrance of the great sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (S.A). The moment when made himself ready to sacrifice his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (S.A) for the sake of Allah Swt. Allah Swt just wanted to see the submittance to His commands. When the actual act was about to be performed Allah Swt replaced Hazrat Ismail (S.A) with a sheep.

Every year Muslims from all over the world celebrate this festival in the remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (S.A) and Ismail (S.A). Implanting these values in the mind of children is vital and possible if told through stories or by re enacting the scenes.

Junior Montessori engaged in a Hajj activity on Monday 28th August 2017. A Hajj presentation was given to the children related to Manasik-e-Hajj, recitation of Talbiyah was also conducted which created a spiritual atmosphere.

Children visited the model “Bakra Mandi “which was displayed in the Junior Montessori corridor where they were very excited to see the model animals; sheep, cow, goat, Australian cow and camel.

They decorated them with accessories, enjoyed feeding them, showed their love and affection towards the animals. A real cow was also shown to them which made the children jump with joy and overwhelmed.

It was surely a memorable experience and enhanced the learning related to this special event.