Fun Math Activity For Grade 3 & 5


For practicing  math skills, students were asked to bring ten different flavor candies to understand word problems with this activity.

Students were divided into groups and they prepared baskets with the help of paper which they circulated.

Before starting of this activity, soft board was prepared and detail about this activity was mentioned. a

Basket was handed over to every group and instruction were to the students to put all the candies in the basket and then check themselves that which group has accumulated more candies in their basket.

Students were asked as to how many candies were left in their basket after removing red and orange candies from their baskets and how many red and orange candies they had picked up  baskets.

Objective of this activity was to nurture student learning and make word problem easy for the students, fun for them and clear the concept of mathematical vocabulary like altogether, sum up, more, less, share, borrow, etc.

Student participated in this activity with great joy, their response was positive and remembered the experience about what was being learned.