Hfs – A School with a Unique Blend of Islamic and Modern Education

By Mahnoor Ilyas

Grade 8

Today, the topic I am going to speak on is Hira Foundation School’s Islamic education system. When I heard that a school actually existed which offered both Islamic and modern Cambridge system, I had been pleasantly surprised. This is a great achievement for Hira Foundation School to impart both in parallelism.

Hira Foundation School has made a different section for the fortunate students whom Allah(S.W.T) has chosen for being a hafiz or hafiza. These students have classes and timetable different from the regular ones. They have a Quran class as hifz class is from 8am till 12pm. Afterwards, they study the selected academic subjects; English, Urdu, Math and Science. Besides the hifz section, the school’s Islamic system has placed a block for Qur’an-e-Kareem in regular classes as well under the supervision of two teachers for one class; a 35 minute block equals to the other ones but contains the most reward. In this block, students are given their individual lessons(sabaq) and are also instructed to learn the surahs of 30th para by heart. Furthermore, the students learn the Masnoon Azkars (Duas and Ahadiths) from the Aasan Namaz(book). At the end of the term, the students are examined in all these; Tilawat, Nazra, Zabani Surahs and Masnoon Azkars. The marks are added to the final report card.

Hira Foundation School is doing a great job in Islamic as well as the academic field. I appreciate this system and pray that it continues spreading beneficial knowledge. Aameen