Hfs Reading Program

Dear Parents,

Date: August 11, 2018

Hira Foundation School humbly launches the ‘Hfs Reading Program’. This reading program caters to grade levels from 1 till O’ levels. This is an inter-campus reading campaign primarily to generate and retain a lifelong interest in books.

Reading books is of paramount importance with multiple benefits like gathering ideas, empowering imagination, developing strong comprehension and writing skills, increasing vocabulary and transforming children into leaders insync with the saying, READERS ARE LEADERS.

The first blessed verse revealed in the Quran is ‘Iqra’ – Read:
‘Read! In the name of your Lord Who has created,’ (Surah 96 – Verse 1)

In line with this progressive vision, Hfs has initiated a reading program across primary and secondary levels.

Morning time is allocated for reading at all levels. Students spend time reading age-appropriate books.
DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time is from grades 1 till O-lll. Students engage in free writing where they bring diaries and express their ideas, feelings, thoughts and reflections about the story they’ve read. This will unleash the creativity within inshallah.

A reading log will also be maintained by the teachers. This will record how many pages the student reads and duly signed by the reading monitor. The best readers will be awarded additional marks and certificates.

Parents are advised to provide 20 minutes quality time for reading at home which will enable them to accomplish their reading goals. Students can bring books from home too.

A recommended reading list will also be sent and these books can then become part of their book collection inshallah.


Hfs Management