History Assignments

Grade VI-VII

History Assignments

Session one: Projects

Session two: Presentations

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Indeed, It’s hard to disagree with the fact that history repeats itself.

Thus, nations who don’t learn from their mistakes vanish and countries who do not learn lesson from history break up..

Students of senior section grade VI and VII participated enthusiastically under the guidance of the respective teacher Ms. Maria and created some amazing projects in order to reinforce the major events of history in relation to their history topics. Some students made beautiful fortresses to show the amazing architecture of the Mughal empire. One of the students, through her brilliantly built project tried to show the versatile and viable aspects of the idol smasher, Mahmood of Ghazni. Another student of grade VII highlighted the contribution of Ghaznavids to India by the help of a 3 d model. The students not only made these beautiful projects but also gave astounding and well-versed presentations.

They shared the pertinent information and talked about their topics confidently.

Last but not least, Sir Najeeb added more charm to the event by his honorable presence and thought provoking speech on history.