My Life in Five Years

Mahnoor Ilyas

Grade 8

As a Muslim I have a firm conviction in death. I really have no idea whether I’ll be alive or not in the upcoming 5 years.

But what I am going to pen is how I see myself in the next five years.

The first thing I have planned is to attempt O and A Levels in the future. I will further choose and study Computer Science because I am very much interested in it. Next, I will select Arabic as it is the language of the heavens. Moreover, when I have a teacher who can explain and teach me well than that will be sufficient.

Furthermore, my plans for other activities are to just write and my wish is to be a journalist. I want to write articles, anecdotes and I only want to be famous as a journalist. I have developed my writing skills which I’ll continue strengthening.

On the other hand, I would pray that my best friends stay with me forever. I also pray I get good friends in the next five years too. From this year, I have started my life with my new family member my baby brother who has completely changed my time management because I have to take care of him as much as possible.

I have also learned to live independently and decided never to depend on anyone so much. Allah swt is sufficient for me Alhamdulilah!
My Life in 5 Years