Parent Teacher Workshop

Dear Parents,
HFS Primary Girls Campus has arranged an interactive parent-teacher work shop consisting of some pertinent topics. As you know, HFS advocates parental involvement in the learning process and acknowledges the need for an enabling environment by adding value through these avenues.

This time too HFS Primary section has organized a productive session covering English, Math, Arabic and Quran. Parents will be enlightened and engaged in this workshop so that they can equip their children with better knowledge and skills to achieve in’sha’Allah.

The topics are:

Topic #1: Helping Children Develop Strong Writing Skills
Topic# 2: Mental Maths
Topic# 3: Arabic Syllabus Explanation
Topic# 4: Examination Policy of Quran

Allaah SWT has placed importance on seeking knowledge in His command to the Holy Prophet. As is written in the Quran:

‘and say: ‘My Lord! Increase me in knowledge’

[Ta-Ha 20:114]

Note: For Day and Date kindly check your child’s diary
HFS Management