Pre-school Activity

Grade: SL.ll

Topic: Dictation

Activity name: Running dictation

Aim of the activity:

As we know most of the kids are terrified by the word dictation at school. It’s because of the way which commonly teachers use. There’s nothing wrong about dictation itself actually the atmosphere in class wasn’t right thats why SL.ll teachers decided to make it interesting and interactive by using all four skills e.g: listening, speaking ,reading and writing.

How did the activity go:

Running dictation is perfect to change the pace and make students move and think fast. Teacher divided the class into three groups and allotted numbers to each child. Teacher called students according to their numbers and assigned a ‘runner’ and rest of students as a ‘writer’.
The runner had to run to a short text which was pasted on the outside wall of the class room, read it and run back to his group and tell them. The ‘writer’ wrote down what they had heard from the runner.


Running dictation is a classic activity and students are able to read, speak, listen and write the words in a joyful manner alhamdulilah.