By: Ayesha Khan

Honourable teachers and my dear fellow students,

Assalam o alaikum

The topic that has been given to me to speak on is, Money Buys Happiness.

‘The greediness of money leads to fall’

Many people think that money is the only thing needed in life. If happiness is the ability to have luxuries, then yes, money will buy us happiness because will buy us materialistic items.

On the other hand, money cannot buy us the emotions we get from love and affection. Money cannot buy us general knowledge or a family love. Happiness is not determined by what our bank account can afford, it is simply appreciating the small things life brings us.

Money isn’t everything. It can buy a bed but not sleep. It can buy a clock but not time. It can buy a book but not knowledge.It can buy a position but not respect.It can buy a medicine but not health. It can buy you food but not appetite.It can buy beautiful dresses but not beauty.It can buy a house but not a home. It can buy servants but not faithfulness and with money we can buy fun but not happiness.

It is not necessary that a rich person always relaxed and is comfortable. Actually, a lot of money can lead to further stress because one becomes worried about how to manage protect and grow the money.

Money is very important part of modern life and  one cannot survive without it but one shouldn’t make it as the sole source of happiness. Keep these two things different.

I would like to end by saying,

‘Life is simple, we make it complicated’