Student Name: Aisha Mohsin
Grade : VI HIFZ

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maryam who lived with her parents. She was very intelligent and well behaved. She got 1st position in every exam. Eman was the classmate of Maryam. She was very naughty and dull in studies. When she used to see Maryam getting top position in the class and every teacher giving her good remarks, she became jealous and started thinking of a way to disturb and hurt her. Sometimes, Eman used to hide Maryam’s copies and important things. She used to feel happy after making her upset.

One day during lunch time in school, Eman said to Maryam, “You cheated in exams that’s why you got position.” Maryam was hurt at this statement. When she returned home, she cried too much. Her mother said, “Don’t cry and forget that – you should only focus on your studies.”

Next evening, Eman and Maryam’s friends were playing in the playground which was near the main road. Eman’s friend Sara kicked the football so fast that that the ball went to the road. Eman shouted,” Sara why did you kick the ball so hard – get out of the game!” Saying that, Eman ran towards the road to get the ball. Suddenly, a car came speedily and hit her badly. She lay in the middle of the road bleeding. Maryam who had watched the entire scene rushed to help, picked her up and quickly called the ambulance. The ambulance took Eman to the hospital. After two hours, Eman’s parents came and she was shocked to see them. She asked her mother, “How did I come and who brought me here?” Her mother answered, “Your friend Maryam brought you here after your accident.” At that moment, Maryam entered the room and happily cried,” Oh Eman! You woke up! How are you feeling?” Eman replied,”I am feeling better.You are very kind. I behaved very badly with you; I am feeling very guilty now.” Maryam smiled and remarked, “I have forgotten all that and from now onwards we are friends forever.”