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Dated: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Learning Goals: 

●     To give students a genuine ordeal to watch animals which they have read about in their books

●      The objective is to provide fun in learning 

●     To make students ready to perceive different animals and their habitats 

Hfs arranged an educational field trip for Grade II students to DanZoo in Bahria Town. 

The teachers requested the students to make lines. There was a fun train name *buggy train* which the young ones rode delightfully. They took a tour  and saw the homes of various wild animals. There were a few stops inwhich students found the opportunity to investigate. 

After that the teachers guided  to gather in the zoo’s park where they played and relished their lunch get-together. 

They left DanZoo with wonderful recollections and an extraordinary feeling of the animal kingdom. 

Students  had loads of fun in this excursion. They encountered different animals for example wild, marine and so on. 

They discovered how these creatures lived, their natural surroundings and what they ate. They distinguished among wild and domesticated beasts and why the wild creatures can’t be kept as pets. 

They discovered the developments of various creatures. Some can walk, however, don’t fly, some can fly, yet don’t swim. 

They additionally saw that a few animals were placed in seclusion as they don’t care for organization. 

This school trip was a rich learning background for the young ones without a doubt Alhamdulilah! 

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