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Dated: Saturday, January 5, 2019


√ To provide students a real world experience to observe animals which they have read in their books
√ To have a fun learning experience

How did the activity go?

HFS organized an educational trip for students to DanZoo in Bahria Town.

After reaching the teacher asked the students to make queues. There was a fun train which the students rode and enjoyed alot. Students were given a fun tour and saw the habitats of different animals. There were some stops in between where students got the chance to take a closer look.

After that teacher guided the students to gather in the zoo’s park where they played and enjoyed their lunch.

They left DanZoo with delightful memories and an acute sense of the animal world.

What did the students learn?

Students had great fun from this educational trip. They got a chance to experience different types of animals which they had learnt such as wild, aquatic, domestic etc.

They learnt how these animals lived and what their habitats and what they ate. They also discovered the difference between wild and domestic animals and why the wild animals can’t be kept as pets.

They found out the movements of different animals. Some can walk but don’t fly, some can fly but don’t swim.

They also observed that some animals were put in isolation as they don’t like company.

This school excursion was a rich learning experience for the young ones indeed alhamdulilah!

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