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Dated: Monday, April 29, 2019

If I get a chance to travel abroad, my destination would be Italy. It has always been a tourists’ delight because of its attractions and tasteful Italian cuisine. It is the country of history and art which has amazing attractions. The first reason for visiting Italy is its culture and art. The Romans have a magnificent history. The paintings are priceless and the best painters are also from Italy. It is full of museums and places that I would love to visit.
Italy is known for its cuisine. The famous pizza and pasta dishes originate from here which are my favorite dishes. People from all over the world come to Italy to taste these delicacies. I would want to do the sane. Italy has the most beautiful cities like Venice and Rome. Venice is a city on water. I have always dreamed of visiting it. I want to see the how people live there where streets are water canals. Rome is the city of architecture and I am eager to view the beautiful buildings. I want to see the sights which are famous all over the world and many people are inspired by their breathtaking scenes. It would certainly be a dream come true for me!

By: Ayesha Mir

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