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Dated: Thursday, December 20, 2018

Children from ages 1-4 are inquisitive learners and eager to engage in practical life exercises. EPL are those activities in which children learn how to survive in real life. Aim of these activities is to achieve coordination of movement and become independent.

There are lots of activities which can be done with the young ones, even in the kitchen safely. Peas shelling activity is one of them which is very engaging practical life activity and beneficial in teaching fine motor skills.

This activity was conducted workshops the JM students.They were busy for 30 minutes surprisingly which showed that how these little kids can concentrate well when the fun element is included.

Teachers set up and demonstrated this activity by providing trays full of pea pods and set up various empty basket for shelling peas. Students explored and tried themselves to peal the peas and separate it from the pods. Teachers guided them to place peas in one basket and skin on the other.

Students devised their own method of peeling. Hence, they learned:

* Concentration
* Hand & eye coordination
* Fine motor skills
* Sensorial exploration of handling the peas and self confidence.

MashaAllah, children were very excited and enthusiastically involved in this activity. Artwork was also conducted. Later, teachers packed the peas in small envelopes and gave those for home so they could show their hard earned work to their parents.

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