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Dated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

BY: SOHAIMA KHAN (Senior Section)
‘Wake up, wake up, wake up! You’ll get late. My sister was really excited to be present in our family meeting, and she wanted to know that where we will be having fun today; Russian beach, Aladdin Amusement Park or Quaid-a-As am Park, etc. I rushed to change, brushed my teeth and made them as white as white paint, combed my hair and ran like flash and on to the dining table. ‘I’m here! Can we start? Oh! Where is grand ma? ‘Think of grandma and she is here’, I heard my grandma. She also looked excited. Well the breakfast got started, yum’, it was delicious.

After breakfast there was a big problem going on between children. They were struggling by giving their suggestions for today’s fun trip. Some were saying Russian beach and some of them were in part for Aladdin amusement park. They all were shushed and elder ones (like me) were asked to decide. When I was in part of Russian beach the one in part of Aladdin amusement got sad and the same was for Russian beach. We all loved swimming ,so I told my cousins and sisters that it was difficult to swim in sea but we could easily swim in flat water which is in Aladdin. After a few minutes all of them were in part of Aladdin.

Everything was ready before our suggestion time. We all were just ready when our uncle told us that Aladdin track was full of traffic because of elections so might be we’ll not go. However, with prayers we arrived there safely.

Oh! Look chair lift, it’s so high ‘, my sister exclaimed. Mommy let’s go inside. Ok! ‘, my mom answered. We bought the tickets and went inside. My uncle bought the bands for us, so that we could easily go on every ride and take fun without buying tickets. We sat at grassy place (with more grass), relaxed for a few minutes and went along for fun rides.

The first one was skydive it moved in circles and went upwards slowly. It wasn’t so much fun. Next, was Aladdin Express, it moved on its track and helped to move around whole Park and we could see all the rides. Well, after it we moved on to hara-kiri , it was a long water slide , it took 10 minutes reaching the top .Then we sat on tube and slid over it. Hurray! It was really enjoyable. As there was no rush, so we went on it for two times. We all were little bit exhausted. It was cooling time; we all were ready to have cold and fresh juice. It was so juicy, full with flavor.

The next ride was cyclone, it moved around so fast that nothing around could be seen. Two people could sit on its one part and it had more than 15 parts. We all were having a lot of fun.
We were only allowed on the rides with our bands. However, we couldn’t go on some of the rides because of the age. Our age was less than 16 and that’s why we all were not allowed, which was a bit disappointing.

After having fun on the rides we ate biscuits, snacks and returned to the place where my parents were sitting. I enjoyed lot with my family that day alhamdulilah!

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