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Dated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By: Waniza Shakeel

There are many dreams that I have to achieve; there are many places I want to visit. There are many things that I have imagined and want to do. I want to visit the depths of the sea and view the rare the marine life.

All this because I love to play with water. I love the colors of the fish, the different types and sizes and designs of fish. I love the peace that is in the water. The darkness which transports me to  another world and I feel comfortable and feel restless. The brotherhood between them attracts me towards it. I feel amazing when the sun rays try to open the water and insert in the water. I love to explore new and  different species.

The sailboats,  ships and submarine in the water. I love to discover and explore the diamonds and treasure.  I want to collect pearls in the shells. Sea has the depth as I imagined and my imagination in according to the depths of the sea. I imagined that there are stairs that start from the depth of the sea till the moon.

I want a staircase leading to the moon.  So if I’m bored and tired, I can visit the moon and enjoy, can fly to the moon and when I rest I will return to the water.

I know this cannot happen in real life but maybe I will get a chance to turn my imagination into reality. I will love to go there and the words are not enough to describe my depths of my imagination.