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Dated: Monday, April 8, 2019


A faraway land was surrounded by hills and pleasant meadows covered with flowers. Their fragrance was sweeter than honey and their delicate petals weighed lighter than feathers, softer than cotton which added color to the picture. The blowing winds and cold breezes maintained the environment in such a manner that a person could relish it. What made the area more beautiful was the bridge stretched upon the crystal clear water lake decorated with roses and covered with dew. The chirping birds perched upon the tall alpine trees chirped cheerfully in their sweet voices. Near the bottom of the mountains there were few mud houses, these houses stood together in this small valley. There lived four nomadic friends who always travelled together. They led a peaceful life; they were as tall as trees and large beautiful Moorish eyes, curly brown hair as they had a healthy diet. They were hard working shepherds who used to bring a flock of sheep for grazing with them. They were named as Ramo, Ramzan, Shabbir and Lalo. Most of the time they used to wear dhoti kurta with turban. One fine summer day they planned to go to the river bank to have fun. They all suggested water games and Marko polo was selected. They were not aware of what destiny ALLAH swt had kept for them. While they were engaged in playing suddenly, they heard a loud cry. One of them was drowning. Everyone tried to save him but he was drowned completely and fainted. They immediately took him to the nearby hospital but the doctors shook their heads in disbelief and told them that it was too late. Much of the water had entered through his nose which had caused a serious blockage of oxygen in his windpipe and caused his death. Their worlds shook as the news of their partners death rang in their ears. They cried tears of grief on their unfortunate fate. Years went by before these tears turned to frost as they had not yet realized that death is a part of life and moving on from such an incident is essential.

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