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Dated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By:  Ayesha Mir

What is peace? People share many opinions and definitions but, for me peace is compatibility, kindness, and amity between people. And without it, our astonishing world will become a huge battleground. Then all left will be chaos and anarchy.

Education can encourage peace in many ways. Every person has a distinct idea for supporting peace by education. Some people think communication skills can maintain peace while some say independent thinking directs towards peace. These ways of promotion are very helpful.

In my opinion, peace can be attained  by one of the most important things, courage and hope. Confucius said it as far back as 500 B.C.: “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Confidence has been defined as the belief that you can succeed at something and a sense of self assuredness. Knowledge is a key confidence builder; it allows one to feel a sense of accomplishment, to be more fearless, and to grow in unexpected ways. This confidence and self assuredness in turn sparks motivation and optimism—or hope as Confucius says— to work towards peace.

Education reduces poverty which is one of the most important factors leading to peace. The poor and needy think every moment in their life about what will happen next, what are we going to go, what is in our fate. And fear of the bad things that will happen to us. That fear leads to anger and anger leads to violence. And violence is the complete opposite of peace which we don’t want.

Education is the best way to inspire problem solving skills and those skills can save thousands of lives from being destroyed. Coupled with independent thinking, these critical thinking skills can lead to innovative solutions and alternatives to violence. Like solving disputes among two countries.

Many people have conservative minds and they don’t let their children study. So I think we should support the children who are deprived of education, as today’s generation is tomorrow’s hope, they are the ones who will ultimately create peace in the world.

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