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Dated: Saturday, September 8, 2018

Grade VII

In order to mark this Independence Day, grade seven organized a go green activity. Students made cards to show the importance of green and clean Pakistan. Greenery not only adds beauty to the environment but helps absorb much of the heat hence, cures pollution. In short, it is very important for the well-being of a healthy human settlement. Islam put great emphasis on the importance of greenery and planting trees as a virtuous act.

Each student was asked to bring a color paper of their favorite color. Then the teacher asked them to write a few lines on the topic after a thought provoking session. It took place in the ground and the healthy and fresh environment added more charm to it. Both the grades went to the ground separately in their periods. All of them participated in the activity and showed great vigour.

This whole exercise helped the children express their love for the beloved country. Best three write ups were awarded. Surely the activity was a wonderful learning ground not only for the students but also for the readers. The activity also helped in enriching their aesthetics and provided students with the sense of seasonal change.

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