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Dated: Wednesday, June 10, 2020



As committed, HFS opens its online school doors to all the parents and students. We welcome you all back warmly and remotely amidst the ongoing COVID-19 scenario. It is indeed a fact that we miss our physical school connection but have tried our utmost to keep the students engaged during the past few months through online teaching and learning. This was done through various digital tools including Google Classrooms, Zoom, Facebook, and WhatsApp among the notable few. It is with pride that we state that our students were able to handle the online mediums quite well. We also posted summer packs for the targeted grade levels and their response was positive too. Our HIFZ team was equally active in taking Quran sessions on daily basis on WhatsApp and Zoom which proved to be extremely fruitful. The students were able to practice regularly and remain in touch with their lessons throughout.

Now, HFS has taken the teaching and learning to the next digital level through its HFS Online School Program. Taking into account the importance of online learning and creating a virtual set up whereby the parents and students are looped in actively which makes this a top priority. For this, we have designed student-centred teaching and learning framework for different grade levels. We have kept in mind all the challenges and constraints faced so that this online system continues smoothly. Rest assured regular online feedback will be taken from parents and students to lead to effective outcomes inshallah.

Kindly find the framework details of the Online School Program which starts on Thursday, 11th June 2020 inshallah.

JM till Grade V

The Preschool, Elementary & Primary teams have been preparing intensively for their students teaching and learning. They have designed fun lesson videos and tutorials for teaching different subjects. These are accompanied by worksheets and hands-on activities for the students to practice for reinforcement.

A Student Time Table is attached of the subjects that the students need to engage or study on daily basis. Subject-wise lessons with downloadable links will be shared at the start of each week on Monday on the school website and parents will be intimated via WhatsApp. These grade-wise links can be viewed online in the Download section of the worksheets which are easily accessible. Different themes and topics in every subject will be covered each week based on the Final Syllabi posted on the school website earlier.

Submission of Work

JM till Grade 2

The work packs can be accessed via Gmail IDs, downloaded and printed online from the school website. These work packs can be emailed via scanned images on the subject teachers’ email IDs. Mention the full name, grade, section and subject in the email. Related queries will be answered on class WhatsApp groups.

Grades 3 till 5 + Hifz

Parents and students can scan their completed assignments and worksheets which they need to email on the concerned subject teachers’ Gmail IDs. Mention the full name, grade, section and subject in the email. Google Forms and interactive games can be played and submitted online only. Related queries will be answered on class WhatsApp groups.

Briefing & Query Zoom Online Sessions

Parent and student orientation sessions will be held on the first day to lay a smooth flow of the online academic program. Briefing of work packs and queries related to online sessions will be taken twice a week in preschool and once a week for elementary as well as primary sections. These can be increased as per the need of the parents and students. All parents will be part of these zoom online sessions which are mentioned in the Student Time Table. Here, they will be able to ask all subject and work-related questions which the concerned teachers will answer for complete satisfaction inshallah. After all, we want to benefit the students as much as possible.


Teachers will evaluate the students on both the work packs and online quizzes/assignments/worksheets according to the grade levels.

Grades 6 till A ‘Level

An Online School routine has been devised through which students will take regular classes during school timing. Parent and student orientation sessions will be held on the first day to lay a smooth flow of the online academic program. These classes will include all the subjects taken through Zoom and students need to be present as attendance is mandatory. A Zoom Class Time Table is attached.

As students of the senior grades are already using Google Classrooms effectively, they will continue on the same digital tool with more stringent attendance and teacher supervision inshallah. Here, they will receive assignments, quizzes, videos and presentations through google forms and other digital tools for viewing and completion.

A2 Level classes commence from July 2020. A separate admission and class schedule will be announced for A-Level soon.

Submission of Work

Submission dates will be given by the concerned subject teachers on the Google Classrooms with an option for student comments and queries.


Teachers will evaluate the students on online quizzes/assignments/worksheets according to the grade levels. Attendance will carry certain weightage and students need to maintain NET Etiquettes.

We are excited to reopen the road towards online teaching and learning through HFS Online School Program. This digital learning adds novelty in the changing times and global trends. May this educational journey lead us towards better ways of learning collectively, confidently and critically. Aameen