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Dated: Monday, January 26, 2015

[headline]HFS PRE SCHOOL ACADEMIC REPORT SESSION 2013-14[/headline]

[headline]FALL SESSION[/headline]

[headline] JUNE- DEC 2013[/headline]

  •  The academic session commenced from 10th  June 2013 with the addition of grade VIII. The CIE registration process also started.
  • The academic session of pre-school commenced on 10th June 2013.

[headline]Orientation ceremony in pre-school:[/headline]

  • Orientation ceremony was held in June to strengthen parent-teachers’ relationships and to make them understand pedagogic so that they can help their child at home. It was a three days exercise for each level.  Dated : 1st , 3rd and 4th June 2013
  • Exclusive arrangements were made for the new inductees to help them adjust in the new environment.

[headline]HFS Pre School Activity Calendar:[/headline]

[headline]During Fall Session we had these activities:[/headline]

Theme Activities Objectives Date and Day
Healthy and Junk Food Healthy day( vegetable and fruit salad making) To enhance the fine motor skills, by peeling, mashing and choppingTo make students learn about the healthy food. 29th June
Eid Saeed Eid Get togather To make them learn about customs and suunahs of Eid ul fitar day. 20th August
I See My Land Cultural exhibitionدیکھو پا کستان To make students learn about the different culture of Pakistan , land marks and food 31st August- 15th September
SeerahAll about the last prophet Naat Khuwani To enhance the confidence of the students and the recitation of Naat 28th September
The world greatest Event HAJJ Hajj activity To enhance the knowledge about hajj journey . 5th October
Animals ( all classes )our friend Allah made them all Exhibition To provide students an experiential learning about the all classification s of animals( farm, insects, birds, sea ) 26th October
Our heroesIQBAL Iqbal Day celebration To make them learn about the poem recitation 7th November
Assessment Week 31st November – 18th December
We travel by….. (Transport ) Field trips(PAF Museum and Maritime Museum) To provide students the experiential learning about the transport 19th  , 21stDecember


Teachers’ Training

  • To provide teachers a chance to improve their professional skills a vibrant faculty Development program was undertaken. Membership of the Professional Teachers Training Forum like PTAN of AKU-IED was renewed
  •   Two Teachers ( Neelam Ali and Sophia Shairvani ) had attended an Early Childhood Development 3 days course from Aga Khan University (Human Development Department )
  • Two Teachers ( Summaya Sohail and Sophia Shairvani ) had attended a seminar on Language Development from ERDC.

Parents – Teachers Interaction:

  1. Two  PTMs were conducted for Pre School on 6th September and  29th November .

School and Staff developmental activities:

  • Pre School Conducted staff development program with collaboration of Librarian
  • Every day during 1:pm -20:pm English Language Classes have been arranged on which Following teachers worked as facilitator :

Naila Wahid, Maryam Chohan, Kousar Aziz, Summayah Sohail .

  • 5 days Early childhood development course was shared by Sophia Shairvani and Neelam Ali.
  • Johar Ibad shared her own Urdu poem Book for Kids
  • Almost 80 Number of Books for children had been purchased for library to enhance the teaching resource.


Staff & students Turn Over
The staff & students turn over for the period July 13 to Dec 13 is as under:

Members left the school for various reasons.

New Faculty Employed from July 12 to date :   09
Staff Left during Aug to date:                                04

Shifted to other department:                               02
Students Left June 13- Dec 13                              05
Students’ Strength :                                                290

New Admissions Session 2014-15

Registration: As on 02.12.13

Report By : Maryam Aziz Chohan

HFS Pre School Coordinator

1st Feb 2014

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