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Dated: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Grade: V


To learn the process of germination and what are the conditions necessary for germination.

Who has made the earth for you like a carpet spread out, and made for you therein paths and has sent down water(rain) from the sky. Then we have brought forth with it pains of various plants eat and pasture your cattle, verily on this there are sign for those endowed with minds. (Ta-ha, verse 53-54)

In this activity students brought different types of seeds and vegetables also for germination, pots are given to student they sowed the seeds and watered those.

Evaluation worksheet was provided to every student to write details about their seeds, note down the date of germination and then observe it daily how seed grow into young plant.

In this activity students also learnt the conditions necessary for germination like amount of light, air, water and temperature. Some seeds can stay dormant for hundred of years before germination. Like the Magnolia seeds found in Japan germinate after more than 2000 years which is quite a fascinating fact!

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