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Dated: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Without Wifi Connectivity for A Week
Feeling nauseated, I reached Khanaspur, a town near Ayubia. As it was a mountainous area, I had felt quite light headed there several times due to travel sickness somehow.

Finally we found the house in Khanaspur where we had to stay. We just landed on the bed for we had been sitting continuously in the car for 3 hours! After taking a short nap, we all discovered the house.

It was known as Green house and was an amazing place. After we planned to go on a walk to the nearby store, we took our phones and left. We saw beautiful flowers and butterflies in our way so we took out our mobile phones and captured then uploaded the pictures on our statuses. Waittt!! The pictures weren’t uploading! We checked the Internet connection so we found our that there were no signals in there! We were terribly shocked. How could we live without being in contact with different people? So it was such an astounding moment. What could we do?

Nothing! We carried on with our lives. Gradually we realized that the phones were the most dangerous terrorists that had attacked our lives. Without the WIFI, our life had changed for the better. We went for a morning walk everyday, instead of using phones. We played board games while it was cold outside. We played in the garden in the afternoon (you might be thinking who plays in the afternoon. It was because the temperature outside in summers even was 22°C). WE SPENT GREAT QUALITY TIME TOGETHER! We realized the importance of family time.

Overall, we enjoyed all that. I missed my phone sometimes but then there were so many activities we could do so I forgot about my fake connection and engaged in amazing moments. I really enjoyed my life! This brought home a stark realisation that we are certainly too much addicted to phones that we can not remove these from our lives. I got an amazing opportunity to experience this without devices because it wasn’t my daily life for that week as I was at khanaspur, quite far away from Karachi. This wonderful week was marked with the most memorable moments ever spent.

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