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Dated: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

by Ms. Sana Kazi


How beautiful could life be,,
If miseries were not there

How sweet could this place be,
If love was all that we could share

How cheery could our faces be,
If tears would not flow

How full of life could we be,
If not a bit of sadness would show

How divine could everything be,
If we all would start to pray

How heavenly could this world be,
If this is how we all would stay

How meaningful could friendship be,
If all friends would be loyal enough

How light could our hearts be,
If worries would never hover above

How satisfied could our souls be,
If all dreams would come true

How seemly could this place be,
If respect would make its way through

And isn’t it how are eyes would see?,
Ten things how life could be!

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