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Dated: Saturday, February 11, 2017

War - A Poem

Nay, there is no war
But surely it’s a war .
As locals have bleeding scare.

Tangled between divine and evil ,
our country men are suffering
severely from a situation that is so uncivil.

Bribery , terrorism , inflation and corruption,
Thrive and flourish all around.
Harbor under the elite’s power and protection.

Poverty , famine , hatred, and betrayal.
Though we wish should never prevail
but in reality they follow a never ending trail.

Disloyal leaders, corrupt politicians ,bad governance.
Anarchy soars in all direction.
Screams buried under debris of chaos and distruction.

We all want a change,
The leaf can turn,
Circumstances can churn
All needed is a change.
Starting from you,
Starting from me,
We should be the change,
We want to see….

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