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Dated: Monday, March 4, 2019

A Visit to the Wild life Experience Centre

Grade: SL.ll

Experiential learning is very important for students because it makes learning relocatable. Students build upon prior knowledge and are provided with opportunities to make connections between new and old concepts.

Teachers often consider a field trip to a zoo as a great way for students to observe animals and feel a connection with wild life.

Keeping all this in view, HFS organized a trip for SL 2 to explore the animal world with a visit to the Wild Life Experience Centre.

Students saw different colorful birds and interacted with them. They got a chance to see animals and reptiles as well. They even got to touch the small crocodiles and snakes. It was an enlightening and an exciting experience for both the students and teachers alhamdulilah!

By: Ms.Salma Tabassum

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