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Dated: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,


The Hira Foundation School is a division of renowned Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi .It is an excellent Cambridge based schooling system, in which we stand committed to offer a value based education with goal to spur our children in accordance with Islamic values. To maintain its vision and standards, certain endeavors have been undertaken by the management of the Hira Foundation School. One such endeavor is the construction of the Hira Educational City and Sports complex project with the objective of promoting a safe and caring environment for children within the compound of Jamia Darul Uloom.

We are seeking your generous contributions that would push forward the ongoing Project.The total funding required for the above mentioned master project is estimated to 15 Million US Dollars (around 1.5 Billion Pakistani Rupees).

A total of five buildings, ground + five floors, are to be constructed and each building would cover an estimated area of 160,000 Sq.ft. The total unit cost of each furnished building is estimated at 3 million US Dollars.

Here, it should be noted that the above mentioned cost is only for the construction of the aforementioned five buildings with finishing and does not include the sports complex.

Also, Hira Foundation School has formulated a sponsorship program that provides an opportunity for the sponsor to earmark certain building(s) to their benefit.

Please find a list of sponsorship programs and associated costs, below:

Talent Hunt- sponsoring complete fee of talented students for the whole year. Associated annual cost per student is PKR 80,000/-

Sponsoring of Teacher-sponsorship of qualified teachers annually. Associated annual average salary of one teacher is PKR 300,000/-

Sponsoring needy students – 10 % discount amounting to PKR 8,000/-
Construction of 2000 Sq.ft Science Lab. Associated cost PKR 5 Million.
Construction of Library at PKR 10 Million.

Average cost of one floor of constructed building at PKR 20 Million.

May Allah (SWT) give you ever more reward in this life and next for this Sadaqa-e- Jariya.

Please feel free to forward your queries about the project to


You can download our Prospectus from the link below.